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Hi! My name is Zoë, and I’m the owner of LAYA Active. Welcome! I am a yoga teacher in New Orleans, LA. I took over LAYA Active in late 2019 after the founder, Mariesa Barbara, went to go live her best life in the Caribbean… seriously… the woman is basically a mermaid now ;).

Ironically, almost as soon as I took over LAYA Active, the world shut down. I decided to take a good amount of time to think about what I wanted to infuse into this athleisure line.

After a few months of a Covid-induced hiatus and percolating on what LAYA Active had the potential to be, I am happy to say that it is relaunching with an entirely new brand, mission statement, and identity.

LAYA Active is more than just an athleisure company. We are a brand that invites our community to join us in becoming an active part of a more sustainable future, both environmentally and socially. #beactive

#beactive You may notice that we use this hashtag in all of our posts. The reason isn’t because we want to remind everyone to get their steps in or to maintain a rigorous physical fitness routine. Please, if you want to parade around the city with a beer or eat a bountiful brunch in your bright and fun LAYA Actives, do you! We applaud it!

The real reason is because we want to remind everyone that the choices we make in what we buy and what brands we support can be active choices. And, they can serve to align us with how we show up for each other, our communities, and our environment.

We love when y’all to tag us in your posts about what you’re doing to #beactive, or any time you’re rocking a fun pair of LAYAS.


We believe in full transparency with our community, especially when it comes to our practices and goals for sustainability. Our sustainability goals are a work in progress.

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Non-profit Partners

Part of our mission is to create meaningful partnerships between local non-profits and our brand in order to support one another and the communities of New Orleans.

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USA Made

All of our Laya Active gear is designed in New Orleans and manufactured in the USA. We take pride in our small batch, high quality leggings.

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